Avon Self Storage Tips

Files and Documents

These are best stored in specially-made file boxes. Climate controlled facilities will keep files dry for longer periods of time.


Place books flat within boxes to protect the bindings and pages from damage. Use small to medium size boxes, as larger boxes can be extremely heavy and difficult to manage


For fine furniture, climate control might be the best option, protecting finishes from extreme temperature changes and humidity levels. Remove legs from tables if possible. Furniture should be protected from the cement floor, either placed on blankets, sheets, plywood or a pallet. Cover with blankets or sheets for extra protection, wrapping table and chair legs to guard against scratching.Artwork,

Pictures and Mirrors

Cover any artwork, pictures and mirrors in brown-paper wrap, sheets or blankets, and stand them on end, making sure you don't rest boxes on top of them. Special picture boxes are available for larger items. Bubble wrap and foam are also good protective coverings.

Other Household Items

Small appliances or electronic equipment should be stored in Original boxes whenever possible. Otherwise, protect them in similar-size boxes, cushioned well with bubble wrap, newspaper or clothing/sheets. When storing china and glassware, take extra care in wrapping and packing, perhaps investing in boxes designed for china storage. Make sure all fragile boxes are clearly labeled as such.ClothingWardrobe boxes are great for hanging items. Boxes of any size can be used for all other items. It might pay off to include mothballs and a desiccant, to ward of insects and mold/mildews.


Apply a few drops of oil on items that have a potential for rusting, and make sure all tools are packed securely so that they cannot damage other stored items.